About us

Locally owned

Luxury Loo, LLC is a locally owned and operated company serving the Greater Spokane area. We saw the need to provide better and more comfortable options for people looking for restroom facilities instead of settling for “port-a-potty’s”.

our story

The story behind starting this business came from attending a wedding in Seattle, WA. I came back and told my friends a little about the wedding and then proceeds to spend the rest of the day talking about this bathroom that was at the wedding. After realizing I spent more time talking about the bathroom than the wedding I began doing research and looking for restroom trailers here in Spokane and could not find a single one. I was amazed; with all the country and backyard weddings and events nobody provided this facility. I started noticing every time I was at an event that used a port-a-potty and especially after using a luxury restroom that we could do so much better.

Customer service and providing an exceptional experience is our focus.

Thank you, Shaynie Leonard, owner

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